• MIley my Spirit Animal!

    I must admit, I was never a huge Miley fan. Yes here songs have always been a little catchy. I would find myself singing at the top of my lungs to "Party in the USA," but wasn't going out of my way to listen to it.
    Recently I have found Miley to be genius! Yes, I said genius. I think she knows exactly what she is doing. This downward spiral has put her at the top of every blog there is, including ours! She is tacky and fabulous. I love her " F you all" attitude! Her body is rocking, her hair is working for her, and her songs are  being played all the time.
     Miley has branded herself to be this wild child that everyone feels they need to protect, or knock back into reality. I say Miley keep it up. Twerk your little heart out!





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