• Throw Back Thursday

    Throw Back Thursday

    December 19, 2013

    Once upon a time on a beautiful November morning, The Shoe Attic had its grand opening. This was a picture perfect day for not only Brittany and her family, but also the rest of Williamsburg and for everyone who orders shoes, accessories or clothing from the online store. Before the hardwood floors, pink and white walls, ceiling spot lights, shoe storage, beautiful clothes, and shoes that can change your life, The Shoe Attic was… well…. An antique store. Although we do love antique stores, Williamsburg needed a store that not only had trendy shoes and clothes, but also had shoes and clothes that were high quality and fit for everyone’s style (and comfortable). The first time I walked into The Shoe Attic all I could think of was “shoe heaven.” If you’ve ever walked into The Shoe Attic, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I could not wait to get my hands on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s Pupil Skull shoes. (P.S. I can’t go a day wearing them where everyone does not ask where I got them) These shoes absolutely changed my life. Not only were they comfortable but so stylish and edgy. I knew from that pair of shoes that, The Shoe Attic, was going to be the place where I bought ALL of my shoes. Now, although The Shoe Attic had its grand opening, it was still very empty. Today, The Shoe Attic has more than four structures where clothes hang, where as then, there was only one. Although the selection was nice, now there is a wide selection of clothes from a variety of brands that not only are flirty and fun but also versatile for any occasion. On opening day, there were only two styles of flats available, where as now there are over 6 tables filled with wedges, booties, flats, heels, sandals and even fancy 10 K shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. Before The Shoe Attic had many fans and individuals wanting to have their photos taken for look books, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks, Jessie, Brittany’s sister was the beautiful model for the clothes and shoes. Now, having a photo uploaded of you for The Shoe Attic’s online social media is an honor. With over 2,000 + followers on Instagram, The Shoe Attic posts special sales, outfits of the day, shoes of the week, special occasions, and inspirational messages for others to see. At least four Instagram posts are posted per day that are inspiring whenever I am trying to find an outfit idea or need a little style pick me up. The Shoe Attic truly has grown immensely since November 2012. Brands ranging from Dolce Vita, Irregular Choice, Jeffrey Campbell, Poetic License, Senso, Seychelles, To Be Announced, Unif, Fairground, Minkpink, Sugarhill, Effie’s Heart, and Quay, you never know what you’re going to stumble upon in The Shoe Attic. Walking into The Shoe Attic, there is not a customer that does not get an authentic greeting and the full customer service that they deserve. Shopping for shoes and clothes is a very personal experience and whenever shopping at The Shoe Attic, you get a personal experience. Weather its advice, a good atmosphere, a easy to use and reliable website or free shipping in the US to the lower 48 states, The Shoe Attic goes above and beyond to make the customers happy and experience shopping at a personal level. The Shoe Attic has grown into a personal boutique for anyone’s style. Individuals from all different walks of life have the chance to find something that matches their style in The Shoe Attic, and that is my favorite part. Below are some photos to show all of you how much The Shoe Attic has grown. Hope everyone had a great throw back Thursday.

    Xo Claire!


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