• WCW Vera Ellen

    As I sit here watching "White Christmas" with my family all I can think about is the amazing fashion.
        "White Christmas" is one of my favorite holiday movies, and I must say I have a slight obsession with Vera Ellen. The singing and dancing are undeniably good, but the fashion is something you may not notice. I have watched this movie enough times to describe my favorite outfits down to the accessories. Vera Ellen was blessed with a wardrobe a girl would kill for! My family and I have the same conversations every year about her costumes, and poor Rosemary Clooney getting the short end of the stick.  Here are some of my favorite things she wears! 
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    • Nikki says...

      I thought I was the only one obsessed with the clothes and shoes from White Christmas as well as other classics!! I LOVE looking at them, and LOVE to find shoes an dresses that are as close to the style as possible!

      On April 06, 2015

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