• Art for your Feet!

      If you've been in the store anytime in the last two years I am sure you are familiar with the creative shoe brand Irregular Choice. The Shoe Attic (or me Brittany ~ Owner) loves eccentric and unique designs, Irregular Choice offers its customers just that! IC started in 1999 by designer Dan Sullivan, who wanted to offer something different at an affordable price. You could say designing shoes runs in his blood, Dan grew up with two creative parents who were also shoe designers in the 70s and 80s. His goal was to help you stand out with his embellished heels, ornate wood carvings, tiny charms, lavish fabrics, and memorable color combinations.

    The brand itself is has grown tremendously in the last year due to their amazing collaborations with Disney. The first collaboration featured a series of designs based on the beloved  movie series Star Wars. This collection offered your favorite characters as heels, such as R2D2 or C3PO. They also made lavish flats with characters on the toes, chunky black booties with your four favorite sidekicks on them, and yes a lightsaber heel that lit up and made fighting sounds. Irregular Choice X Star Wars collaboration launched on October 30th 2015 hitting records in sales, R2D2 sold out worldwide with in minutes! This collection was very special to me being a huge Star Wars fan myself. The Shoe Attic's Three Year Anniversary party was even Star Wars themed after the launch it self.


      The second collaboration which just released February 26th 2016, was another favorite amongst Disney enthusiast Alice in Wonderland. The shoes captured Alice's curiosity and innocent demeanor, letting her character shine through offering a collection of whimsical styles which was very well received by customers. Maybe more so than the Star Wars collaboration. IC's website crashed with in minutes of the launch time and we sold out of all our heels with in an hour.

      I recently read an article about London Fashion Week (thanks to the kind person who left the article in my store mailbox!) and how London shoe designers are becoming more artistic and taking a lead from the US. This article really focused on two of my favorite designers Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster. Both designers, really artist offer shoes with a whimsical almost novelty feel to them. Animals, old movie stars, fairy tales, bright colors and patterns are sprinkled through out their collections.

    Here are just a few of Sophia Webster and Charlotte Olympia Designs:


        I often get asked two questions about the IC shoes. 1) Do people really where these shoes? 2) Do you actually sell these shoes? I explain how the people who love IC truly love the brand, it is like wearing art on your feet. When you wear IC shoes you feel magical! They make the most simple outfit special. The compliments and reactions you receive from people on the street is a wonderful thing. Even if they are not "your" style, you can't deny how fun they are and how happy they make you feel!

      If you can step back and just have fun with your wardrobe, it can truly make your day. A unique shoe with a simple black or white dress, or even just jeans and a tee can add spark to your life! I am so honored The Shoe Attic gets to offer our customers such fabulous, happy shoes. The next time you are shopping try something a little different but not to far out of your comfort zone and try out this new trend!

    Have fun! Remember you are a magical unicorn!




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