• No just no.... Bad Fashion Trends

    We are all guilty of trying out some bad trends. I am guilty, I love to try new things but some are just bad, bad fashion mistakes. Here are some of my least favorite trends that have EVER existed.
    Trucker Hats
    This is all Ashton Kutcher's fault. I completely 100% blame him. I can not believe how many trucker hats I rocked in the day. I swear if this trend ever comes back I will not partake in it, you heard it hear, hold me to it!
    Unzipped Jean Shorts
    Okay, this trend I never thought was cute, never will think is cute. Girl, do you want to be wearing shorts or no? Are your shorts too tight? Did you eat too much at lunch? Buy a bigger size, no one cares! If you want to show that belly off so much at the beach just wear your bikini. If you are not at the beach, honey just no! 
    Velour Tracksuit
    Every popular celebrity did it, so we all had to follow. This one I blame on Paris Hilton. Kim, Kanye and even our dear Britney fell victim to this. I admit this one was comfortable. Airplane ride, sure let me grab my Juicy suit and Uggs. Ugg that is another story! This was just an unfortunate attempt at trying to be comfortable, honestly I feel pretty comfy in a dress and sweater.  I just don't understand the appeal of looking like a teletubby. Those things terrified me!!
    A Paris Tribute
    Embellished Jeans
    Girl,  do not add another patch to those jeans. The bedazzled jean, the patches, the writing on them with sharpies. Just leave those jeans alone. I won't lie, I had some pretty awesome patches on my jeans. My favorite pair of jeans I got in 7th grade they wear bell bottoms with a patch of a girl on the hip. She was blonde with a purple crop top, the same jeans as I was wearing, white sneaker platforms, and blonde side pony tail. I LOVED her. There is a cap on the age this is appropriate and it is 9.
    Totally GUILTY
    Double Popped Collar, Polo Addition
    Thank God this was more of a boy trend. The Polo shirt double upped with a pop. I just can't with this, aren't you hot under those two shirts?
    Not Guilty
    Parachute Pants
     I totally did this, but mostly related to dance. They were huge! and they looked awful! WHY??
    PS they are NOT harem pants!
    I Googled Parachute Pants and apparently Google has no Idea what I am talking about! Hot Topic totally carried these and NSYNC rocked them!  Apparently the world wants to forget about these as well,
    cause I could hardly find a photo.. so enjoy.
    Visors and Bucket Hats
     I am doing this together cause well, hat trends. They were both just bad. Do you want your head to burn? Do you want to look like a fisherman? I don't understand.  Then upside down Visors, I'm sorry!
    I am sorry world that this boot was ever introduced. I am sorry this boot will never go away. Mostly I am sorry that I rocked baby blue UGGS from 2003-2008. Please forgive me!
    Can we let this one go already?
    These are mostly an homage to my past. Circa late 90s early 2000s. My most beloved pop stars are  guilty of these trends, and I just followed. Oh no!
    What are some fashion trends you can't stand?? Past or present?






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    • Claire says...

      I can not stop laughing. This is amazing.

      On March 01, 2014

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