• Meet the Model Vol. 1

       I am blessed with such gorgeous customers!
       All of my models started out as customers, became friends, then got recruited to model for me. These girls are smart, talented and beautiful on the inside and out. I believe showing the clothes on people who actually wear them helps you see how they look. They have taken the time out of their busy schedules to help enhance my website with their amazing modeling skills! I wanted you all to get to know these girls so I have asked them the following questions. Ya know, the important stuff! 
    1) What is your major?
    2) Who is your fashion icon?
    3) What is your favorite item of clothing you own? 
    4) Who is your favorite designer?
    5) What is your favorite food?
    6) What is one thing you can not live with out?
    7) What three items in your purse do you always have with you? 

    Tracey Johnson

    1) I'm a history major
    2) My fashion icon is Solange Knowles. She is not afraid to take chances and is always wearing bold colors and striking patterns
    3) My favorite item of clothing is actually a pair of bone colored, ankle cowboy boots. From the ankle up is weaved leather. I've had them for 5 years and always get compliments on them, and because of the color I can wear them with practically anything!
    4) I watched a documentary about Marc Jacobs in high school and I've been obsessed with him ever since— he's definitely my favorite designer
    5) SUSHI AND TATOR TOTS! I just discovered a place in Richmond that serves both. It is now my favorite place in the world.
    6) Coconut oil.. or my phone.. and definitely my mom
    7) Burt's Bee's, my iphone, and my ID... you never know when wine may be involved in an activity

    Gabi Smith 

    1)  Studio Art (printmaking concentration) with a minor in Biochemistry
    2)  MaryKate Olsen and Erin Wasson are my style muses
    3)  my black Doc Martens, I really can't go anywhere without them
    4)  Mara Hoffman (if only I could afford her work) and the Sabo Skirt girls - my favorite brands are free people, for love and lemons, and nasty gal
    5) coffee (does this count?)
    6) sunshineeeeee
    7)  My TokyoMilk Dark lip balm, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White perfume, and DMB guitar picks I got when I was backstage at his concert (my good luck charms)
    Thank you ladies so much!!!!! 
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