• Britney in Vegas!

    This upcoming weekend my sister, Jessie is taking me to Vegas to see Britney for my birthday. If you are anything like me Britney has been a huge part of growing up. Her first single "One More Time" came out the summer between 8th and 9th grade. I remember receiving her CD single for Christmas. My sister got a boombox, so we played Britney dancing around the family room. I have been to three of Britney's tours including her first one. So I don't know if I can stress how hard it is to pick an outfit for the event! Also because I am old fashion and still believe in dressing up while I travel, I put some outfits together for my trip! Fun outfits that were still comfy and practical.

    Day 1: Airplane Trip

    Swan Sweater $60

    Violetta Trouser $80

    Dynamite Wedge now on sale for $46


     Day 1: Dinner and Cirque Du Soleil 

    Don't Cross Me Dress $80

    Dow Jacket $100

    Fawn Wedge on sale for $120


    Day 2: Playing in the Casino (something comfy but cute)

    Everyday Tee $37

    Anza Joggers $75

    Okala heel $110


    Day 2: BRITNEY!!! and dinner

    Be Scene Dress $96

    Leroy Flat $150 because there will be tons of dancing!



    Day 3: Brunch and Airplane

    Hillsa Dress $60

    Peach tee $35

    Mandla Sweater $105

    Zap wedge bootie $195



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