• Olivia

    Meet Olivia



    1) What do you want to do when you grow up? After I graduate I hope to become Princess Peach. Just kidding haha I am an Art History Major and hope to go into museum or art gallery work. I want to promote the arts and bring them back to a higher place in popular culture with music and movies like it used to be.

    2) Who is your fashion icon? I have so many haha, Baby from Dirty Dancing is definitely one, everyone in Clueless, early 90’s Drew Barrymore, Kelly Kapowski, a bunch of random bloggers and probs more I can’t think of.

    3) What is your favorite item of clothing you own? Well if you asked any of my friend what clothing item defines me they would probably say crop tops haha, and I have three of the exact same American Apparel crop tops in different colors so I love those. But I’m also super into white right now and love my sheer white sweaters.

    4) Who is your favorite designer? I honestly don’t follow actual designers too much and I’m sure I could find something in any of their collections/shows that I loved. I did think what I saw of Opening Ceremony at NYFW was cool.


    5) What is your favorite food? Wow bringing out the tough questions! To encompass more things I’ll say pasta, I recently went to Italy and about died of food love. But my fav type of noodles might be Pad See Ew, a Thai dish that I always get at my favorite place back home.

    6) What is one thing you can not live with out? One thing would have to be my liquid eyeliner, I would tell you the brand but I stole it from by cousin and the label had worn off so I don’t actually know it. My eyelashes like don’t curl at all so I need a wing haha and its gonna be so hard when I run out!

    7) What three items in your purse do you always have with you? I always have my phone, some kind of lip color product, and hand lotion.


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