• Meredith

    Meet Meredith

    The Questions
    1) What do you want to do when you grow up? 
    2) Who is your fashion icon?
    3) What is your favorite clothing item you personally own? 
    4) Who is your favorite designer?
    5) What is your favorite food?
    6) What is one thing you can not live with out?
    7) What three items in your purse do you always have with you?


    1. I want to be a news reporter and or a talk show host.

    2. I LOVE Rachael Zoe, so definitely her.

    3. I really like loose clothing, so right now it's a light pink long sleeve cotton top, I can't remember who it's by.

    4. Free people is one of my favorite brands, but I also love Lilly Pulitzer. The new collection is really cute I recommend you check it out, they have a lot of two piece dresses.

    5. Cookie dough is my all time favorite, but I really love orzo salad haha. Also Mac and cheese is a top contender.

    6. I definitely could not live with out my bed and my sunglasses.

    7. I always keep my lipstick, lotion, and extra earrings.

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