• Nicole

    Meet Nicole
    The Questions
    1) What do you want to do when you grow up? 
    2) Who is your fashion icon?
    3) What is your favorite clothing item you personally own? 
    4) Who is your favorite designer?
    5) What is your favorite food?
    6) What is one thing you can not live with out?
    7) What three items in your purse do you always have with you?
    1. What do I want to do when I grow up... this is the hardest question! I am such a science nerd...I love anything to do with biology so maybe something along those lines. I also love to travel and be outdoors and I do both of those things as often as possible.
    2. Totally left field here, but my fashion icon would have to be Jacqueline Kennedy. She is totally my spirit animal..! I'm in love with the simple sophisticated chic look and classic high necklines. Kate Middleton is a great example of this too. I am such a plain Jane minimalist...but plain Jane's need love too!

    3. I have a Chicago Bears sweatshirt I bought in college and it is my favorite. Its so crumby looking...I run errands in it, sleep in it...but its super comfortable and the perfect lounge wear.

    4. My favorite designer ever since I was a little girl has been Oscar de la Renta! His clothing makes you want to play dress up at any age--the perfect combination of playful, elegant, and feminine.

    5. Pad Siew is hands down my favorite food. This is Pad Thai's superior but underrated cousin. Side note: You can also never go wrong with nachos, and I pride myself on being an empanada connoisseur (little known fact..! ha!)

    6. One thing I cant live without? How about three.
    Pinterest. Coffee. Fresh flowers.

    7. My purse is always overflowing with things I don't really need...however, the three things I must have in there at all times are :
    Excederine- The only thing that's works for my headaches. Nothing can ruin your day faster than a sudden migrane, so I keep a whole bottle in my bag. ALSO- when you're out with friends and one of them has a headache, they will never be happier when you offer them something for it.
    Mascara- Even if I don't put any other make up on, mascara is a must. Bad Gal Lash by Benefit is my go to.
    Vasaline--Weird, I know. But this is my favorite thing to use for chapstick. Its plain, odorless, and isn't sticky like most lip glosses.
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