• Meet Megan! Our WCW!!

    Meet Megan our WCW!! I actually met Megan over Instagram, because of her big heart and sweet personality I feel like I have known her forever! I wanted you all to know her a little better so I asked her to write a small bio and answer some questions. Don't forget to check out more of Megan on her blog





    I am just one small girl with dreams bigger than the skies themselves can hold. Ever heard of the saying, ‘Girls just want to have it all‘ ? Yeah, that was created in reference to me. Ever since I was a little girl I have been in absolute love with animals and nature. All the vacations from my childhood were either hiking in the woods or swimming as far out into the ocean as we could. My parents brought me up with the values of loving all animals, respecting nature, and protecting it all by only ever leaving footprints.These became some of my core values that I carry with me today. I use to beg my mom to split my allowance with animal protection groups and local humane societies to try and help as much as I could as a child. Lately I have been involved in petitions, donations, sanctuaries, trying to bring awareness, and researching products before purchasing them to try and make even the smallest difference. There is still a pull inside of me to keep doing more though for those who can’t speak and our only life giving planet that we know of. I want to help with discoveries, photographing findings, bringing awareness, and protecting it all. My dream is to finish college with a zoologist, marine biologist, and photography degree. I know it will be a lot of years struggling to get through college but I think in the end it will be worth it with all of the help I will be able to do and give back to our planet. I am hoping along my way to achieving this long term goal I will continue to learn of new ways to help and protect all of God’s wonderful gifts. I knew years ago I had big dreams and wanted to be able to achieve it all but things now-a-days require a lot of hard work and a good education, which is very expensive. So while I was still in high school I made the decision to join the National Guard. I have been in for almost five years now and am hoping to resign for a few more to not only obtain my degrees but to also go on a deployment. So obviously on this path to achieve these long term goals I have to pay for everything somehow. So where does a girl get her first job? Yep, the mall. Growing up though my parents didn’t have a lot of extra money and I mostly got stuck in either my brother’s or cousin’s old clothes. Being a girl in high school with body issues obviously this wasn’t really a dream come true. My fashion sense was pretty close to non existent until I started working at the mall and was forced to learn trends, styles, how to create them, and how to sell them. I started at Windsor and absolutely loved all the different styles they housed, it helped me to learn and push my creativity. I was finally able to see fashion as a way of creatively expressing yourself and people were suddenly using me as inspiration and seeking my help. I started researching brands, designers, stores, bloggers, and trends to take my wardrobe even further. A few of friends and family members were pushing me to create my blog and inspire others. I was really nervous to make such a risk and commitment but finally I caved. I now run my own fashion blog that I absolute love! I have discovered so many new friends and brands through this blog and couldn’t have asked for a better blessing. Right now the blog has slowed down because I am actually making a few updates and transitioning it into something that will be easier to navigate and something even more people can relate to. Until the launch of the new updates I will continue to post outfits featuring small brands, large companies, and new trends in hopes to inspire you.




    Who is your fashion icon?
       I dress for the day according to the mood I wake up with, being a sassy woman that means my closet has to be prepared for anything. So I basically have to keep every style possible sprinkled throughout my personal wardrobe. Most people have more of an established style (I.E. street wear, grunge, conservative, boho, etc.) so I find it hard to really be drawn towards just one creative mind. One icon I hope to be more like though, in more areas than just fashion, is Audrey Hepburn. She always kept her wardrobe so chic, classy, simple, conservative, and sexy. I hope one day to be able to rock a flattering and simplistic wardrobe like she did.
       Another icon that I think is worth mentioning would be Brittany. I know how this looks since she is the one who asked me to do this interview and is featuring it but I feel if you take a step back from this one particular post and scroll through both of her feeds you would see what I mean. Brittany never sticks to just one designer, color, pattern, or style. She is constantly pushing herself into new styles and even mixing them! Her creative and edgy mind fills me daily with inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken an outfit, scrolled through her feeds, or showed her sites to others. She is one person who will forever be an icon to me.
       Brittany also showed me Taylor Stowe who is another person I look to when I am in need of some outfit inspiration. Taylor has more of an edgy-boho look that I wish I could pull off! She is another that has an eye for pairing two pieces together and filling you to the brim with outfit ideas. Neither one of them are afraid to mix styles or layer, which if you know me at all you know those are both my fashion favorites! Whenever I am in a bind I normally turn to one of these two lovely ladies because I know they will never let me down.
    What is your favorite item of clothing you own?
    Special Occasion: Hands down my favorite piece I own is my Unicorn Litas by Jeffrey Campbell. These were my first ever Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I actually ended up buying right from The Shoe Attic. They are high heels, comfortable to walk in, shape your legs, and are covered in unicorns! Could you really find something better than that??
    Everyday: Thrifted, distressed, blue jeans. They are versatile, comfy, already broken in and all for a great price!
    Who is your favorite designer?
    I honestly don’t have a favorite designer. I know that’s not a typical answer a girl would give but its my honest one. My thing is to find small quality brands or large brands that still remember to keep quality in their products, have original ideas, and respect their customers as well as the environment. It’s all about finding a good company or designer you feel comfortable supporting and being loyal to.
    What is your favorite food?
    Pizza is my everything! Sad to say I probably eat it at least once a week.
    What is one thing you can not live without?
    I honestly don’t think I could live without my dog. When you see those greeting cards at the store stating a dog is man’s best friend. Hallmark was talking about Benny and myself. He goes absolutely everywhere with me! I swear his little cuddles could have made the grinch’s heart grow 2 sizes faster than Cindy Lou Who ever could!
    Plus he actually enjoys playing dress up so I don’t see how you could ever find a better friend than he.
    What three items in your purse do you always have with you?
    I don’t often carry a purse so when I do you know its because I either have a special occasion or a lot going on that day. That being said my purse has to carry the absolute essentials: deodorant (because I am scared to death of someone thinking I smell gross), Minty gum (same reason as before), and lipstick.

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