• Let’s Shop Local Williamsburg!

    Did you know that the every third Thursday of the month is shop local day? Did you know that great retailers and professional businesses give amazing discounts on those days? Well if you didn’t, you do know! Some retailers and professional businesses have become a part of the Chesapeake Bank shop local. Small businesses are some of the best places to shop in Williamsburg, because not only do they have great products, but they also want to truly connect to their customer! Do you ever remember a time when you walked into a major retail store and got completely ignored by the staff because they were too busy to take time to talk to you? Well, at the small businesses in Williamsburg, that does not happen. Small business is all about the customer experience. Take The Shoe Attic for example, Brittany, the store owner, is all about reaching the community and making a personal connection to every person who comes into the store. Small businesses make you feel like a rock star when you walk into the store, the associates, or even the owner, make you feel like your time in the store is appreciated. That is why buying at these stores are so easy, because the people working at these businesses make you want to buy something! So the next time you need a great gift idea, or just want to treat yourself, go to one of the amazing small businesses in Williamsburg and see what they have to offer! I’m sure they cannot wait to see you! However, if you want the best discounts, go on the third Thursday of the month and find some amazing products for a great price! To find out which stores partake in the Shop Local Day, go to the Chesapeake Bank Blog and click on the “3rd Thursday Directory” and they will give you a list of all the participants! Let’s Shop Local Williamsburg!

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