• Occasion for the Arts

    One of the biggest events in Williamsburg is coming around the corner and I know the town will be buzzing about this event for months to come! I’m talking about the Occasion for the Arts that will be taking place October 3rd through 4th.  If you have never heard about this event before, well let me tell you, it is one AMAZING weekend! The Occasion for the Arts is when local artists from all around bring their artwork to display and sell. Not only is there some amazing artwork shown, but there is also great music performances and great food! This event is also great for all ages, because children are able to create their own artwork and show off their talents. This event is all about the community, and what is a community without kids? What is so enticing about this event is that streets get shut down in order for people to walk around and see all the different vendors! It’s the perfect time of year, because it is in the beginning of fall when the leaves are beginning to change and the air is crisp. This is the time of year when Williamsburg is really breathtaking. This event not only introduces you to some amazing artwork, but it makes you feel like you are part of the community. So, if you are a local or just visiting during the time of the event, please come out and be a part of this wonderful event that allows you to interact with some great artists and a great community.
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