• Story Telling


    You ever wonder why you buy the shoes you do? Do you think about why you needed those particular shoes at that particular moment? Well, shoes always have a story to tell at any age. I know when I go into my closet I’m not looking at just shoes, but I’m also looking at memories. Just take baby shoes for example. People might wonder why I have so many shoes to begin with, and I tell them that shoes are my best form of self-expression. They are not just expressive for the fashion sense, but the story that is attached to buying them. Every pair of shoes has a purpose, and it might not be the most elaborate purpose, but every shoe has one. If I look in my closet and look at a pair of shoes I can remember where I got them, and why I got them. Maybe I bought them on vacation as a memento from my trip. Maybe I bought them because I was going through a breakup and wanted to feel beautiful again. Maybe I was just feeling great and wanted to treat myself. So, whenever you go into a shoe store ask yourself, what story will these shoes tell?

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