• Back to School

    Now that school is back in session, parents may be wondering… What can I do

    with my kids on the weekend in Williamsburg that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

    Well, believe it or not, there are tons of things to do that doesn’t burn a hole in

    your pocket. One of the great things that Williamsburg has is city parks.

    Everywhere you turn around there is a park where kids can run around, and

    maybe they can even make some new friends? You and your family can take a

    picnic lunch and make a great afternoon out of it! Not only are parks great, but

    also taking your kids to the library is another great activity to do on the weekends.

    The Williamsburg Regional Library has a great children’s section for kids to dive

    there nose into, and they even have some activities during the weekend that cost

    nothing. Another great activity that Williamsburg residents might not know about

    is Jamestown Settlement. I’m sure that everyone in Williamsburg has heard of

    Jamestown, but I bet not all of them know that if you show id and prove you are a

    resident, you get to go walk around Jamestown Settlement for free! Yes, I know

    sometimes educational places do not seem like the most fun place to go, but

    believe it or not, most kids seem to really enjoy it! Even though summer has

    ended and school is back in session, weekends can still be fun and exciting

    without paying a costly expense.
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