• Spring booties you say??

     Yup, it is true!! Spring booties are every where this year. I have always been an advocate for denim shorts and the Dr. Marten, well it seems everyone else is catching on too! I love the hard look of a little rock and roll boot with a delicate dress, or shorts and a peplum top. Why not?? It's adorable and fashion forward, and if the girls in the back of the Starbucks line don't get it, well then who cares!  They have obviously not been following the current lookbook, or fellow tumblr posts! 

      I feel this will be the year people will start to evolve and embrace the spring bootie, at least I am hoping this will be the case. There are so many great styles from the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane, or Thomb to the Dolce Vita Hartley! Really there is a bootie for every girl! Need a little western edge to your bootie, the Everly is perfect! As one of my employees Blair said "it's like the Coltrane and a western boot had a baby." It is so true!! We carry the Everly in solid black, and then to add a little flare the grey snake! We have the Isley, which could easily be my favorite with all the Dolce Vita dresses. The nude color matches everything, and all those straps?? Seriously this shoe on the foot could not get any more perfect!! 


     Jeffrey Campbell Everly 

    Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane and Thomb 

    Everly Grey Snake, Dolce Vita Hartley, Isley 

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