• Coachella Fashion

    I know, not very original. The fashion was too good to go unnoticed though! I have been stalking the Jeffrey Campbell team, and many celebrities via instagram to check out the fashion of Coachella and by god is it good!! 

     Grab your flower crown, booties, and cutoff shorts !!





    I am a strong believer in the spring bootie. I know its a little hard for others to understand, but I have a dying wish to have been a teen  in the 90's. I wanted to dress like Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor and rock my Doc's with cutoff shorts and plaid shirts, and I am FINALLY getting the chance! I have supplied the store with so many styles of spring booties there is truly one for EVERYONE! I have the Thomb and Coltrane which are a little more rocker edgy. The Isley and Everly which have a little more class to the chunky boot. Then the Qimat and Bertina which are definitely more sleek and sexy. 

    My favorites, well the ones I swear by are the Coltrane and Thomb. I love my Coltrane, ok I am obsessed! I have ventured my Coltranes all the way to Las Vegas, and then off in to the Grand Canyon sight seeing. They have become a part of my soul! I am slowly moving towards the Thomb but honestly no one can replace the Coltrane in my heart <3  For my more put together outfits ie cigarette jeans and blouses channeling inner Audrey Hepburn I use the Bertina by Senso. They look amazing on! I wasn't sure about them, then they arrived and my heart melted, this beautiful shoe deserves a home in your closet! 

    For your flower crowns I recommend ordering off Etsy. I just ordered a beautiful daisy crown and have been wearing daily.

    We actually carry a few shorts. The anouk is a super cute high waisted scalloped jean short with stars all over them. They are precious! If you need a little more edgy I always go to free people for their cut off short! perfect!! 

    So get your coachella style on people!

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