• Christmas in November

    Everyone knows as soon as October 31st is over, the very next day stores start

    plugging in the Christmas music and the decorations start coming out. I know why

    stores do it, it is because Christmas is the biggest shopping season of the year!

    They have to start pushing sales early and get everyone in the Christmas spirit to

    make sure they start doing their Christmas shopping. However, since I have

    worked in retail for a long time, it drives me crazy how soon stores start preparing

    for Christmas. By the time December comes around, it feels like the magic of

    Christmas is taken away in a sense. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love Christmas,

    but when we start hearing the Christmas music in early November it just becomes

    repetitive. I know retailers cannot help it because it has been this way for a long

    time and it is almost impossible to change it! However, let’s try to enjoy

    Thanksgiving before Christmas gets here. Every holiday should be wonderful and

    enjoyed, and when Christmas starts getting pushed in our faces at such an early

    time, it doesn’t make Christmas as magical as it should be.
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