• Three Years of Bliss


    Hello All,

       My name is Brittany, I am the owner of The Shoe Attic. I have not wrote a blog post or shared with you all in a while so I am taking this opportunity to do so. This past November my little shop celebrated its three year anniversary! As I look back at the past three years and how much the shop has changed, I am still astonished at how the morals of what I wanted my shop to be have not. 

     I opened The Shoe Attic with the intention of this little boutique being a safe haven, a girl hang out, a place to escape every day life with beautiful things and happy people surrounding you. Through the good and the bad over the past three years I have tried to keep the store a place of happiness. Lets be honest if you come in to the store and know me or my family you know we are slightly clumsy and don't have the best of luck, but we thrive through you. My customers have become my best friends! I am so lucky to have met the most amazing people through my store. The lovely and inspiring women I meet every day keep me going even when I am at my worst. The strength I see in you all is something I hope to carry with him in my own life.

     I know this next year, our fourth year (eek!) will be our biggest yet! The Shoe Attic will continue to grow each season and I hope you stay along for the ride. With new and more exciting events to fabulous inventory this is going to be the best year, I can feel it!  

    I wanted to let you all know the store will be closed for the month of January making some enhancements. However our website will still be up and running! I can't wait to see you all in February to start off a fantastic New Year!!!






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