• Rainbow Everything <3

     I love color! I do! More than that I love rainbows! I know much excitement, but rainbow anything I just feel is amazing. It really is. It is happy, cheerful and screams I am confident and can wear many colors at once. Some of my favorite rainbow things stem from childhood. Rainbow Brite was my role model. I love her, running around on her talking horse Starlite accompanied by her crazy little sprites. I mean WHO wouldn't want to be her!?

    The new childhood rainbow head figure is of course the spunky young adventurous pony Rainbow Dash! I mean who wouldn't love this little trouble maker? 

    Rainbow has such an effect on my life I even want to do my hair like this...


    And live in a house like this! 

    While eating these delicious treats... 


    and while I am at home getting fat on my rainbow treats my boyfriend can show his support by sending me these 

    and if he really loves me he can bring me the ultimate gift of happiness .... 


    ps the Black Distressed Lita has just arrived! and EVERY fashion girl needs to own a pair! 

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