Bohindie Stream Grounded to Earth Earrings

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Grounding methods:

* Breathe deeply

* Play in nature

* Move your body

* Describe what's around you



* Iridescent acrylic flower charms  x 2
* Gold plated flower charms x 2

* Clear aura crystal quartz x 2

* Nickel Free Earring Hooks 



I clear the pathway for the vital life force to flow. I center, ground, and energize you all at once. I dispel sorrow and replace it with humor. I increase confidence, and self-awareness, and help focus you. I also allow creativity to flow freely within. With the power of intent, crystals can open a world of healing and peace found within. Everything in this world is vibrational energy and crystals can help amplify our auras and shape our energy fields. At Bohindie Stream we believe in the magic of all the metaphysical properties found within crystals. However, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a certain crystal will help anything. It is up to you to believe!

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