• Madame Crystal Sole Protectors

    Madame Sole Protectors

  • The answer to all your Irregular Choice problems!!! 


    Why Are Madame Crystal Sole Protectors the best for my Irregular Choice Shoes?

    • Our protectors are transparent so you can still see your pretty sole

    • They are easily applied- peel and stick, done! (Can be cut to size if required)

    •  No need for expensive cobblers so you can spend more money on foot tattoos

    • They are anti slip so you go can dance the night away

    • They have actually been tested on Irregular Choice shoes

    • They are temporary so are easily removed and will not damage the original image or the sole when removed
    • Unlike some sole protectors Madame Crystals not only protect the beautiful images on your shoes but the actual sole itself

    • Our sole protectors make IC shoes last much longer, great for limited edition styles so why not hand them down to the grand kids

    • An undamaged sole means a better resale value if you decide to sell your IC's in the future

    • They can be used on new shoes to prevent damage or used shoes to prevent further damage, so if you've got a pair that you thought were on their last legs... Think again!

    • The last image indicates potential damage without sole protector- My eyes! My eyes!


    Available in two sizes

    Original size 7.5cm x 12cm 

    New large size 10cm x 14.5 cm


     Application instructions:

    Use on brand new shoes:
    Please ensure your shoe sole is clean and dry before application

    •  Cut your sole protector to size if required
    •  Peel off the self adhesive backing
    •  Place the adhesive pad on to the sole of your shoe and press firmly
    • Leave for at lease a couple of hours or so before use


    For use on used shoes:

    • Clean the bottom of the shoe well with a damp cloth
    • Leave to dry completely before applying your sole protector using the instructions above
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