Can You Believe???

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Can You Believe???

Well here we go! Yup, Brittany here and I am going to be writing blog posts again. I don't know if anyone will come here and read this, but hey it is worth a shot!

Guys seriously it has been over three years since my last blog post, and I write terribly! So please bare with me as we go on this adventure together. Instead of me just always posting cute outfit ideas or how to style, which I totally will, I thought you guys might be interested in some behind the scene things, like how to run the business, what goes in to owning a boutique and what not. Again you will notice many gramatical errors and again, sorry! I am going to do my best and that is truly all one can do, right? 

So welcome to 2020!

I started The Shoe Attic over 7 years ago, which is absolutely insane cause if you asked me how I do it I still wouldn't know the answer. Which is great considering I just said I would share advice with you guys on how to own a small business. In this day and age retail is always evolving, especially with online being such a huge competitor. However I think TSA (The Shoe Attic) offers something that other shops and online can't offer you. A truly authentic, open and honest shopping experience. We become friends with our customers, honestly, this place has become a home for so many. I love seeing my customers now friends coming in weekly. My friends are the highlight of this business. Seeing you all get excited about fashion and what is coming in to the store makes me ecstatic. I love sharing my passion verging on slight obsession of shoes with you all. This doesn't just mean in store customers, I have made friendships through online customers as well! People I have never met but talk to daily over instagram messaging. I am incredibly thankful for the connections I have with all of you and thankful the store has given me that chance. 


So lets start this journey (again)! With this first simple blog post to you all, my friends, my family, my village. 


Also yes I am eating a shoe! 

 XOXO Brittany ;)