Sister Jane Punnet Embroidered Midi Dress

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The Punnet Embroidered Dress weaves the essence of sun-dappled market mornings into its very stitches, with cherries embroidered on soft cotton fabric, whispering tales of spring's first bounty. Its silhouette, cinched gently at the waist, flutters with every breeze, mirroring the dance of leaves in a serene orchard. A contrasting grosgrain necktie adds a touch of sophistication, like a well-chosen accessory that completes a market day ensemble.


Product Details
Midi dress in Sister Jane's cherry embroidered cotton fabric. Detailed with and elasticated waistband and a contrasting gros grain necktie. Fastened with cover buttons. The length of the dress is 133-139 cm depending on the size.
Main: 100% Cotton; Trim: 100% Viscose
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